Thursday, February 23

Elwood update & lots of pictures!

Over the past few weeks we have seen God transition our lives. Last week I had my last day at my job and trained the new person and began my life as a stay at home mom. After working hard for the past 6 years in administration, I have found that working at home will be a challenge. I absolutely love working around the house, cleaning, organizing, shopping, cooking... But my days of busy work around the office are on hold for now.

We went to the doctor yesterday for a growth ultrasound to check on Elwood and see how big he is measuring and how far he is developed. Our sweet boy is weighing 6 lbs 7 oz and will be growing roughly a pound a week for the next 3 weeks before we deliver! Woah! We will probably be having ourselves a 9 lb baby! It was so fun to see Elwood on the screen and see his very, very adorable face with big Buzza cheeks.

We are very excited to spend the next 3 weeks preparing and resting before our world gets turned upside down. One comforting thing is that my OB says she doubts I will go into labor early because Elwood's head is already too big to go down and cause labor. It's kind of nice to not have to constantly be "on call" to pick up our things and head to the hospital. We can truly relax and enjoy this time together.

We were honored to have our dear friend Amanda Lipscomb (You can check out her stuff here) take some maternity photos for us! Here's a preview of our shoot!

Also, we finally put the finishing touches on Elwood's nursery! It has been so fun to decorate and nest into his room. Here's some photos of his room!

Yesterday while we were waiting at the doctor a couple went in for their first ultrasound. After just a short couple minutes we heard the tech give this couple the bad news that there was no heartbeat. And immediately we heard sobs of sadness. My heart immediately jumped to the bottom of my stomach and I was crushed for this couple. It wasn't even that it reminded me of my loss, but rather than I hurt so badly for them. Ben and I wanted so badly to go in there and embrace this couple and tell them that it was going to be okay and that God was with them.

I sat in the waiting room sobbing for this couple as I am constantly reminded that loss is all around us. It can be so easily hidden but on days like yesterday, loss is very real. God reminded me that our story has made us tender and that He has designed us to pray and be there for people who have experienced loss. I will be praying for this couple as they start the journey that I know so well and pray that they would know God and experience His love, comfort, and peace.

We are anticipating these next few weeks as we welcome our next son into this world and get the opportunity to raise this child.