Thursday, August 29

The Truth about Twin Pregnancy

At our first ultrasound, I was so nervous to hear that baby's heartbeat. Just to know that everything was ok and we could have that sigh of relief. When the ultrasound tech told me to take a deep breath, I was expecting the worst. What I didn't expect was to see two sacs, two babies, and two heartbeats. It took my breath away...

After hours of crying and hyperventilating, I could slowly breathe and at least start to process two babies.

I'm in my 25th week of pregnancy with two girls and I knew that this pregnancy would be different, but I didn't think it would rock my world as it has.

This is no regular pregnancy.

You would think my third time around and I would feel like a pro, but this pregnancy has thrown me for a loop.

I've been way more vulnerable to sickness.
In my first trimester, I had two nasty stomach viruses. I've had a couple little colds, allergies, and just generally under the weather much more easily.

Tiredness doesn't even begin to cover it.
I didn't know how hard this pregnancy would be on me. Every few hours I need a break. Just to put my feet up and rest. I go to bed super early every night and pray I get to sleep eight hours. The weekends are amazing for naps and extra rest. Ben is so great about running errands with Elwood so I can have some downtime.

All the questions.
When someone finds out I'm pregnant with twins, they have a million questions. In all honesty, I don't really have answers! I'm learning everything on the fly because I never thought I'd be here. I've done a lot of research online and asked a lot of questions at my appointments.

Tests, tests, tests.
I've been overwhelmed by ultrasounds at every appointment and all the tests they've been running to make sure everything is on track. Soon I'll start non stress tests every week for the girls. My appointments used to be 45 minutes but now I expect to be there around three hours. I've started taking some extra supplements to help keep my levels normal.

All the ity bity buys.
The little things add up quickly. Bigger maternity clothes, food, another crib, clothes for the girls, and all sorts of baby stuff that has snuck up on me this time! I thought I would be able to use what we have, I didn't know we'd be buying more.

Speaking of food....
I have never been so hungry in my entire life. The amount of food I eat everyday is unreal. Our food budget has definitely expanded as my belly grows. I have to eat every couple hours and cravings are insane! The cravings are so intense and literally have to have it.

Precautions, limitations, and rules...
I had a lot of flexibility when I was pregnant with the boys and I guess I wasn't aware of how a twin pregnancy is much different. I just got the word on no more traveling and to be resting more. I definitely watched my activity with the boys and was careful, but I feel like I have a magnifying glass on me this time.

I am overjoyed by these sweet girls and so looking forward to when they arrive. I've been counting down the weeks until I get to meet their precious little faces! This is going to be quite the adventure. I'm new to girls and very new to this twin thing!

More to come....