My Story

I am a proud mother of four. My first son, Aiden, was born October 10, 2010 and was raised into Heaven on October 13, just three days after his earthly entrance. I am learning how to live after devastation. Every day is different and I am changing each moment. I pray God's words reign over these pages as I share what He leads me to.

"Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life." -Proverbs 13:12

 Aiden always had a very healthy and strong heartbeat, regular movements, and fully operating organs. There was absolutely nothing wrong with him. When I was eight months pregnant, I heard God tell me that there was something wrong with Aiden. We prayed for healing for him and that God would take care of him. We offered our son up to Him to do whatever He needed to. We told God that He had control.

We went in to be induced Friday, October 8th, 9 days after my due date. I labored naturally throughout the process and by Sunday morning I was beyond exhausted and ready to have my baby. Sunday at 10:30am, the doctors came in and I was 9 cm but not progressing anymore. They decided to do a c-section. By 12:08pm, Aiden Heath Tennant was born! He was 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 inches long. Perfect, sweet, healthy baby boy.

Words cannot express how incredibly amazing Aiden is. He looked up at me with his big, beautiful blue eyes and my heart melted.

Tuesday morning the doctors got us ready for discharge. The pediatrician had seen Aiden three times and my doctors were impressed with how well I was recovering. By noon we were heading out of the hospital.

At about 2am we decided to attempt to go to bed. Ben and I took turns rocking him to sleep. He still had his days and nights confused so he was wide awake. We all laid down at about 4:00am. I fed Aiden and we all fell asleep at about 4:30am. At 4:55am I woke up and asked Ben to take Aiden to his crib. When Ben picked him up, he realized Aiden wasn’t breathing. I immediately got up and called 911.

When we got to the hospital, it was only a few minutes before they brought us to the “counseling room”. As soon as she sat us down, I said to the nurse, “Aiden isn’t alive, is he?” She nodded her head. At that moment, my entire body went into shock and my heart dropped to the floor.

My husband, Ben, and I are learning how to breathe again. We feel blessed beyond belief. These words are attempts at showing what God has done.

Our second son, Elwood, was born on March 15, 2012. Praise be to God for a healthy, strong, beautiful baby boy who reminds us daily just who God is.

On November 29, 2013 we welcomed TWO sweet baby girls, Kate and Milly. They were the shock of my life and a huge blessing to our family!