Thursday, September 29

After the chaos

Well, hello all!

It's been a couple weeks since I've last caught up here and I can already tell you that this is going to be long one! Stick with me, friends :)

In my last post, I got to tell you about a dear friend of mine that saw Jesus for the first time. I am STILL in awe of this and I still get chills just thinking about the work that the Lord is doing!

My first big announcement is that after 5 years of work with Rising Above Ministries, I am resigning from my position. After months and months of prayer God finally gave me and Ben the confirmation we needed to resign. I adore this ministry and have loved every minute I get to spend with the leaders and families that have children with special needs. It has been a long road that has blessed me so much, but it is time for Ben and I to live our story. (As sweet Becky, one of the directors, said to me)

I will now be spending more time volunteering with Banebow. I am so thrilled to be able to give time to a ministry that changed our lives. I don't mean altered or influenced... I mean changed. When the hard days happen, they understand like no one else can. I am so thankful for the friendship we have been blessed with through Banebow and we are excited to serve alongside them. It's time for us to live our story of infant loss with other families who are going through this.

And let me put a disclaimer out there... This will not be easy. But the work of the Lord is rarely easy. The key factor is that Jesus was not a victim, He was a volunteer.

Two weeks ago I got to go and speak for a women's conference. It was my first time speaking without Ben and I was terrified. But of course, God totally followed through and gave me words to say. I was so blessed by these amazing women. Plus, we got to go to the lake!! The conference was held in a building right on the lake with a beautiful view and a pool! Not a hard day at all :)

Last week Ben and I went on our honeymoon/babymoon to Charleston, SC. It was our very first trip alone together! We never went on a honeymoon so we finally got some money together to get out of town for a few days. We had the best time getting to know Charleston. We slept a ton, ate wonderful food, walked miles upon miles, got massages, and simply did nothing. It was bliss :)

I'm so grateful that we got to get away and spend some much needed R&R time with each other!

Have I mentioned that baby #2 has finally made its debut? Our life has been so crazy lately that sometimes I forget I'm pregnant. I'm trying to dedicate more time to reading and preparing for this baby. I feel like it's speeding by and super slow all at the same time. I think I would answer differently depending on the day.

With Aiden's one year birthday & death day approaching, we are trying to figure out how to spend those days. It's so hard because it's not like we've had to do this before and we really don't know what we want or need.

One thing we are doing is throwing a benefit concert in celebration of Aiden's life and all the proceeds are being donated to Banebow! We have some amazing musicians that are donating their time and talent to this event and we are so excited to celebrate! So spread the word that this concert will not only be awesome but it's for a great cause!

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