Thursday, January 3

Our New Family

Happy New Year!!!

I started off the new year with a new 'do! I cut off 11 inches and donated my hair to Locks of Love to start the year off right. It was time for my long locks to be rid of because I have a little one who loves to pull, grab, and rip out my hair. So I decided to go big and cut it all off.

So I sat down this morning and really thought about this year. I'll admit, I've always thought new years resolutions are pretty silly, cheesy, and kind of pointless. What makes you think that just because the year number changes that you are going to all the sudden turn a new chapter and do things differently? What's the point in waiting for the new year? Why not start December 31?

Well, I don't have an eloquent answer except asking myself why God would even give us new years to begin with if He didn't want to differentiate time? So... if we get a number change each year why can't we have a heart/life change too?

So I've jumped on the band wagon and decided to make resolutions.

#1: Make more FAMILY time.

Time for me and Ben and Elwood to just be us. We've spent the last year driving around and around seeing everyone and making every effort to be at everything. We have become a "yes" family to everything and it leaves us with little time (and money) to do anything together as a family. We LOVE spending time with our friends and family, but I've lost sight of putting my husband and children first.

This year has left us exhausted, out of touch with each other, busy, over-commited, and broke! (Gas costs A LOT)

So we are going to try our best to say "no" more often and say "yes" to our family time!

#2: For the things I'm committing to, give it MORE.

God has led me to a few things I want to invest my time in. I don't want to give it half my effort and skim the surface anymore. I want to give God room to dig deeper into the things I'm involved in. So no more distractions (less Facebook, instagram, and other social medias!). Time to sink in deeper instead of being present at more than one place.

#3: Get healthy!

I have a lot of time that I spend with Elwood during the day. We play, read books, sing songs, and run errands. During this time I'm going to try my best to do exercises as much as I can. The idea of "working out" (going to a gym, etc) sounds wonderful but realistically isn't going to happen. (See goal #5)

So in between books, balls, and blocks I'm going to do crunches, jumping jacks, and fun yoga moves!

#4: Go to a conference.

Ben and I have made it our goal for each of us to attend a conference that interests us. Something to fill us up, inspire us, and time to dedicate to our dreams!

The hardest part is picking something! Shoot me ideas if you have them :)

#5: Budget, budget, budget! Get debt free!

Ben and I have cut way back on our excess spending, but have acquired more needs! We are feeding another person now! And he needs certain things that cost money.

Somehow we are going to reduce our spending, chip away at our debt and maintain a healthy home financially. If we don't need it, don't buy it! (This is why I'm not spending money on a gym membership, etc)

#6: Spoil my husband.

The last year has put a lot of stress on us in several ways. Some good, some not so good. In all honesty since things have gotten so crazy, my marriage has not come first. I love Ben, of course, but I haven't shown him the way I should. We've both had a ton on our plates.

Over New Years break we were able to spend some much needed quality time together and I am hooked! I love this man deeply and I desire nothing else but to be his wife and to do it well. Incorporating some of the other goals (such as saying "no" more often and to giving him more) will help me make time for him. He deserves it!

So here's the list. It's a good thing I'm publicizing this because otherwise I may not have had enough motivation to make this stuff happen. Please feel free to email me in June and ask me if I'm still working on these things! I'll need it!

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