Tuesday, October 11

Happy Birthday, Aiden.

Yesterday marked one year since I welcomed my sweet baby boy into this world.

After 40 very long hours of labor and an intensive c-section, I finally got to hold my baby and meet him for the first time. I will never forget when I heard him cry and Ben and I teared up and I got to see his screaming, new face.

The first moments I had with Aiden are unforgettable. After months and being 11 days overdue, I was more than ready to meet him. It's amazing how different babies are when they are born late because he was so alert and just waiting to listen and soak in the tones of our voices and to spend hours staring at us.

It was such an long awaited introduction.

Yesterday was a bittersweet day filled with many tears and few smiles but we are finding ways to remember and celebrate our son. We never thought that we wouldn't be able to give Aiden his first birthday party. And never did we dream that we wouldn't be singing to him.

Last night we baked Aiden's birthday cake and took time to remember him. I think it may be our tradition :)

But we got to celebrate that Aiden has been singing to Jesus for a whole year. We are so envious of him because he has the perfect party. He has a party that never, ever ends. And never has tears. And doesn't have pain.

I don't have a whole lot to say because we are still grieving and grief can leave you breathless.

We are continuing to take time to remember Aiden and to spend time together. This life is so short and I am not going to waste it without my husband by my side.

So until next year... Keep singing, Aiden. We love you SO much.

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